When booking a local Edinburgh ceilidh band there are several important factors to consider:

  • The Venue
  • Format of the Evening
  • Sound System / whether you would also like a DJ set
  • The type of ceilidh band

These factors are all quite important to consider when deciding upon how you would like the event to run. On this website we have different tabs for different events as there is slightly different information which is relevant to these events.

Edinburgh Ceilidh Venues

As a local Edinburgh ceilidh band 7 Hills have played many different venues throughout the city. If you have not decided where you would like to book then we would be very happy to give some honest advice. Obviously there are big ballrooms in George Street, medium size function rooms and some wonderful church halls too. Each venue gives a different feel and format to the evening so getting this decision right is very important when. The links in this sections go to some of our favourite venues to play in.

Format of the Evening

A ceilidh generally consists of 2 x 1 hour sets. It is down to the organiser to decide how large a part they would like the ceilidh to play in the evening. It can for example be the main event or it could the warm up to a DJ set or the end to a busy day at a conference! Background music can always be played in-between dances to give everyone longer breaks or the tunes can be played back to back with little time to rest!

Sound System

7 Hills Ceilidh Band own their own sound system and this can also be used for a DJ set afterwards, speeches during the event or even as background music during dinner. If you would like to add this as an extra then simply talk to the band manager and can arrange to provide this for you.

Different Types of Ceilidh Band

There are many types of local Edinburgh ceilidh bands which you can choose from and it depends on the following factors:

  • Your preferred instrumentation (ie piano vs guitar)
  • Your Budget
  • A Traditional vs Modern sound
  • Whether you want extended PA Hire and the Band offer that
  • Whether you want a DJ with the band included

Different bands have different sounds and infrastructure for catering to the customers requests. The media which 7 Hills Ceilidh Band have recorded very accurately displays their sound to see if it the style of ceilidh band which you desire.

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