Everyone at my event has never done a ceilidh dance before, is this ok?

Of course! We have played highly successful ceilidhs for tourist groups that do not speak english.  There is always enough time to call the dances and do demonstrations too. We like a challenge!

Will there be a caller?

Yes! We will always have an experienced caller in the band to go through each dance before starting. If you prefer for us not call, that is fine too!

Do you play gigs outside of Edinburgh?

Yes we are happy to travel.  Upon request we can quote travel expenses.

What happens if the dancers get tired?

As well as dances we also have a repertoire of traditional music that we can play to give everyone a break. We also alternate the energetic dances with less tiring dances!

How long will you play for?

We can tailor the length and number of sets to suit you, as an idea we tend to play 2 x 75 minute sets with a short break in between.

Can we use the PA system during the break and for speeches?

Yes, of course.  However, please note that when we finish our set we need to take the PA system away with us so it cannot be used to for an iPod shuffle DJ set all night long!

How long do you take to set up?

We allow an hour to set up.


Something we haven’t answered? Don’t hesitate to get in touch: 7hillsceilidh@gmail.com


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