7 Hills – Corporate Ceilidhs

As an experienced ceilidh band we are used to playing many sorts of events including corporate ceilidhs.  With Edinburgh being such an iconic, beautiful city many international corporate conferences happen here and the demand for having ceilidhs during such an event is great!

Calling the Dances

These events are especially enjoyable as many of the dancers have never ceilidh danced before and so they enjoy it even more! On these occasions we take extra care when calling the dances to make sure they understand the steps and can get fully involved in the ceilidh!

PA System

For corporate ceilidhs we normally require our own PA system. Luckily we own a Yamaha Stage-pas p600i which you very welcome to use for speeches and playing songs via your iPhone etc during the intermission of our set. As long as were able to take the PA system away when we finish the ceilidh!
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For a quick personalised quote please get in touch with the date and venue of your event. I always aim to respond with 24 hours