7 Hills – Corporate Ceilidhs

As an experienced ceilidh band we are used to playing many sorts of events including corporate ceilidhs.  With Edinburgh being such an iconic, beautiful city many international corporate conferences happen here and the demand for having ceilidhs during such an event is great!

Never arranged a ceilidh before?

Its quite simple really!  We will arrive 1 hour before you would like us to start so we can setup, soundcheck and have a chat with yourselves to confirm the running order of the evening.  After this we will go onto play the ceilidh which is normally anything up to 2 x 75 minute sets for a very energetic crowd!

What Venue should I use?

As an experienced local ceilidh band we have played many ceilidhs in some of the most beautiful locations in Edinburgh. These are some of our favourite venues which we would recommend.

If you would like to consult our ceilidh band manager for specific advice on each venue then just contact us here.

Calling the Dances

These events are especially enjoyable as many of the attendees may never have ceilidh danced before, so they enjoy it even more! On these occasions we take extra time when calling the dances to make sure everyone understands the steps so that they can get fully involved in the ceilidh! We even send band members onto the dancefloor to do demonstrations and arrange people in the correct formations.

We have many tourists at our ceilidh, how can you make it extra Scottish?

Well first of all we will all wear kilts! Secondly we can give a bit of history behind the tunes and dances in a tongue and cheek type fashion! A wee bit of popular Scottish history for everyone to enjoy does tend to go down well at tourist gigs.

What if the dancers get tired?

We can always play some background music in-between dances if people get tired!  As a ceilidh band it is important to take every gig as it comes and play the room by ear on each night.  We will always make sure to tailor our set exactly the the mood / feel of your event on the night so everyone has a great time!

PA System

For corporate ceilidhs we normally require our own PA system which is a Yamaha Stage-pas p600i.  During the intermission you are very welcome to use this for speeches and playing songs via your iPhone etc. As long as were able to take the PA system away when we finish the ceilidh!

More information can found on our FAQs.

For a quick personalised quote please get in touch with the date and venue of your event. We always aim to respond with 24 hours